NBC’s “Chuck” star Zac Levi and his house church

Here is a link to a Relevant Magazine story about “Chuck” star Zac Levi.  It talks a bit about Zac’s house church, how he came to help found it, and what it means for him.  I think it’s interesting that the house church phenomenon has reached into even Hollywood.  That would seem to be the last place to find this sort of thing – but who knows?  From my limited perspective into the world of house churches, it seems like not all house churches work equally in different contexts.  I have heard of house churches struggling to get off the ground in some suburban contexts, while in others they have done just fine.  More urban contexts seem to work well for many house churches.  It makes me wonder about how connected Levi’s church is to other house churches, and just what type of context it exists in.  Interesting nonetheless.  And I love “Chuck” too, so that makes it all the better!


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