Pentecostals and Multi-Site Church Planting Strategy

Here is a link to a story in Oct. 2009 from the Christian Post that talks about how the Assemblies of God denomination is using the multi-site idea as a strategy for church planting.  It looks like they are more or less aware of the ecclesiology/polity implications from a free-church perspective of using a multi-site strategy, so they call their new multi-site churches: Parent-Affiliated Assemblies.  These new churches, “shall be under the supervision of a parenting church, in accordance with the parenting church’s constitution and bylaws,” so it sounds like they are kind of blurring the lines between multi-site churches (one church in many locations) and the old parent-daughter church distinction, where the daughter church eventually becomes independent and autonomous and takes care of itself.  I will be interested to see how this works.  Multi-site churches push past free-church ecclesiological emphases on autonomy and parent-daughter relationships into more relational and interdependent emphases.  Instead of trying to re-frame multi-site churches into the free-church box, perhaps the Assemblies of God should begin exploring what a multi-site ecclesiology could look like for their denomination.


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